Welcome to the new Guiding year!

After an exciting summer, which included IGGNITE 2017, thoughts now turn to the new Guiding year. Many opportunities and new experiences were on offer and it was good to see that so many Leaders, Senior Branchers, Guides, Brownies, Ladybirds and Trefoil Guild members were involved.

The new Guiding year is beginning and weekly meetings, that are core to the Guiding programme, are up and running. Autumn and winter offer their own opportunities and, even with daylight disappearing early, we can get into the outdoors or bring it in! I look back to working with Guides and remember that simple ideas could work well, torches always added to the fun and what can be done with fallen leaves is non-ending.

There are lots of opportunities coming up – Free Being Me Month in October, Cookie Month is coming up in November and they will provide opportunities for raising self-esteem and gaining new skills.

Irish Girl Guides has always been very involved with international Guiding and WAGGGS and Jillian van Turnout was named first substitute for the World Board. Elspeth Henderson and the late Diane Dixon held positions on the World Board previously. Today’s girls may well have similar opportunities in the future and it is in the local Units the fostering of Guiding and friendship and self-confidence is begun.

Getting everyone settled in can make for a busy start to the year – new members, new plans and maybe new Leaders.  I hope you all have a good year and hope to meet you over the year at the events and I will be happy to receive any invitations. Listening and talking to Irish Girl Guide members helps me to keep up to date and represent you well at outside events.

Best wishes to everyone for the year ahead.