Guide Age Range: 10-14 years

“I promise on my honour to do my best,

to do my duty to my God* and my country,

to help other people at all times

and to obey the Guide Law.”

*The word “God” can be replaced by the word “faith” according to one’s spiritual beliefs.

When a Guide makes her Promise she holds up three fingers of the right hand, keeping the thumb and little finger bent so that they touch. The three fingers represent the three parts to their Promise – “to do my duty to my God and my country”, “to help other people at all times” and “to obey the Guide Law”.

“Be Prepared” (BP are also the initials of our founder, Lord Robert Baden Powell)

  1. A Guide is honest and reliable.
  2. A Guide is loyal.
  3. A Guide is useful and helps others.
  4. A Guide is a friend to all and a sister to every other Guide.
  5. A Guide is polite and considerate.
  6. A Guide cares for all living things and their environment.
  7. A Guide is responsible and respects authority.
  8. A Guide has courage and is cheerful in all difficulties.
  9. A Guide makes good use of time, talent and materials.
  10. A Guide respects herself in all she thinks, says and does.

Guides may use the left handshake, in common with all members of the Guide and Scout movements worldwide.

Guides have a choice of a blue v-necked t-shirt with a pink stripe on each side and a pink logo or a pink v-necked t-shirt with a blue stripe on each side and a blue logo.

The Guide hoodie is blue with a pink logo and pink inner hood lining.

All Units wear the same neckerchief which has a white background with blue and pink celtic knots and is worn with a black woggle.

Guides have a number of options on how to display their badges – on a blue or pink bag with IGG’s logo or on a blue Guide sash.

Guides wear plain navy tracksuit bottoms, jeans or a navy skirt.

The programme of the guides

The initial stage of the programme when a girl joins Guides is that she prepares to make her Promise. She learns about being a Guide including learning the Guide Promise and Law, taking part in a good turn every day for a week, learning about the flag of IGG and wearing the Guide uniform. Once she has completed these tasks and others, and has been attending meetings for a minimum of eight weeks, she is enrolled as a Guide and will receive her first badge – her Promise Pin.

The Guide will follow the four-year Journey Programme designed to develop her independence, self-confidence, and teamwork and leadership skills. Camping, indoor weekends, outdoor activities and international travel are all part of the Guiding experience for this age bracket. They are explorers, collecting experiences and treasures as they complete their Journey badges – Pathfinder, Voyager, Innovator and Trail Blazer. Once they complete all four annual badges, Guides are awarded the National Guide Award, the highest award in Guiding, at a national award ceremony.

Each Guide will have the opportunity to earn a number of Interest Badges during her time in Guides. These badges show that a girl has developed a skill, knowledge and/or interest in a particular area.

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