The Guiding Approach

The Guiding Approach underpins everything we do and it is based on the Fundamental Principles which are clearly expressed in the Guide Promise and Law. The original Promise and Law were developed at the beginning of the Guide Movement’s history over a hundred years ago. The Promise and Law continue to evolve as WAGGGS Member Organisations modernise Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting in their countries. Each of our Branches has an age-appropriate version.

Fundamental Principles

The non-formal education methodology practiced in the Guiding Movement points the way to different avenues of exploration, and the girl chooses her route and proceeds with her chosen activities at her own pace, exercising self-motivation and freedom of choice.

Each member enjoys a variety of stimulating activities and challenges that encourage the individual to contribute to the best of her ability to ensure the success of her group’s activities.

Baden Powell defined the Patrol as “a small natural group of six to eight under the leadership of one of themselves where each individual has an indispensable part to play”. The Patrol System encourages teamwork and the formation of friendships, self-expression, and the development of joint and individual responsibility. Ladybirds begin by working in small groups that change weekly or even during the meeting. As they progress into Brownies the girls belong to Sixes, while in Guides, the Patrols the girls belong to become their core group. This progression is essential to the development of leadership, teamwork and self-awareness.

The Guide Movement does not place its members in a world apart, but strives to increase their involvement in their own community.

Living out-of-doors encourages self-sufficiency and determination, and helps members discover the tranquility and harmony of nature for themselves. An appreciation of the natural world is essential at a time when our environment is under threat, and the environmental theme is now strong in many Guiding activities.

Guiding sees adults working side by side with the young members in a system of co-operation that helps to dispel the illusion of the generation gap.

Members are encouraged to participate in international experiences such as attending seminars, camps or events throughout the world in other member countries or at one of the World Centres.

Collaborative Approach

A key to the success of every Unit is that the girls are involved in as many decisions as possible and play a large part in the organising of the programme (depending on the girls’ ages and abilities), but behind the scenes the success of everything that happens in the Unit largely depends on the Leadership Team.

Irish Girl Guides is built on the ethos of volunteering and all our members volunteer for the various roles in managing this organisation. IGG employs a small number of staff to support the volunteers at both local and national levels and both staff and volunteers are recognised for the vital role they play in ensuring we achieve our mission.

Guiding is a way of life and our Leaders use the principles above to shape all they do with their girls at their weekly meetings and events.

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