Three Guide associations at Castle Saunderson!

The three Guide association event at Castle Saunderson was a brilliant weekend that just rushed by!

We arrived in the freezing cold but the next two days were dry and sunny.  After off-loading all our stuff and setting up camp, we headed off with Jessica to the big hall to meet the girls from the other two associations (Catholic Guides of Ireland and Girl Guiding Ulster) that were joining us. We had a great time making bracelets and doing other activities. Thanks to Erin and Rachel who made mine look a lot better than it would have otherwise!

The next morning after breakfast we headed into the woods and tested our outdoor skills by building a fire and cooking sausages. Well needed for our morning activities – climbing wall and crate-building. I have done a climbing wall before and it was great fun but crate-stacking was scary and awesome and frightening and exciting! I did chicken out when I was standing on the 13th crate!

After lunch we all took part in the mud run. The Leaders sat this one out. It was amazing and, after spending an hour running, jumping, crawling, climbing and swimming, we began our raft-building down at the lake. With a lot of luck and some capability our raft didn’t sink and I didn’t fall in. Finally, we headed to the showers to get clean and WARM!

Big thank you to Marie for cooking us dinner. Best needed burger EVER! We all had a great evening around the campfire after such a brilliant day.

On our last morning of camp all three associations gathered together to take part in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and WAGGS (World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts) activities. These were great fun, especially the tomato challenge.  We all earned lots of badges (I think we should have also earned a ‘we survived the weekend with no phone’ badge)! And, before we knew it, the time had flown past and it was time to down tents and pack everything away.

I would like to give a big THANK YOU to our Leaders for organising and camping with us in Castle Saunderson, especially Sinead, Jessica and Marie.