North East Region trip to Isle of Man!

Eighty-two Guides, Senior Branchers and Leaders from the North East Region – Dunshaughlin, Navan, Ashbourne, Culmullen, Ballybay and Kells – took part in a trip to the Isle of Man in August. Thanks to Lauren Mooney for writing about the trip and for asking other girls and a Leader how the trip was for them >>

I was fortunate to be a part of this group. We stayed in the Venture Centre just outside Ramsey where we got to do activities on Tuesday afternoon, all day Wednesday and Thursday morning. The activities were wonderful: we got to try archery, abseiling, canoeing, a zip-line, kayaking, an assault course, crate-stacking, raft-building and mini golf. There really was something for everyone!

On Thursday afternoon we got to go to the swimming pool in Ramsey and, afterwards, we had 1.5 hours to explore Ramsey, which had plenty of souvenir shops and a delicious ice-cream shop! We took a steam train from Douglas to Port Erin on Friday. The steam train looked like the Hogwarts Express from Harry Potter so this was a nostalgic experience for all “Potterheads”. On Saturday, we took a tram up Snaefell, the highest mountain on the Isle of Man. We also got to see the Laxey Wheel and had some shopping time in Douglas.

Almost everywhere we went we travelled by tram. The trams on the Isle of Man date from the 1800s, so this was an interesting experience for everyone. The Isle of Man has some beautiful scenery – from rolling hills to thundering waves. I want to thank Mary Clarke and everyone who helped organise this fabulous trip!


On Saturday evening I asked a Guide and a Senior Brancher from each Unit to give me a short synopsis of what they thought of the trip. Some Units had more than one Guide eager to give a review so here’s what they wrote:

“I had so much fun, the activities were so enjoyable. I bonded with so many new girls and made new memories from this trip.” – Saoirse, 16, Ashbourne Senior Branch

“I made friends with loads of new people, the Leaders were really nice and I didn’t want to go home!” – Jeules, 11, Ashbourne Guides

“This trip was amazing, all the activities were fun. I made new friends and everything was so beautiful. I would definitely come here again.” – Molly, 13, Culmullen Guides

“It was truly a once in a lifetime experience. The activities, atmosphere and culture of this area made the trip even better. I can’t wait to come back again.” – Aoife, 15, Culmullen Senior Branch

“It was an amazing trip. I had such good fun and made lots of new friends!” – Helena, 13, Dunshaughlin Guides

“We did a lot of fun things, like shopping and abseiling. I would come back again!” – Emily Brady, 10, Dunshaughlin Guides

“The Isle of Man trip was very good. I made lots of new friends and it is very pretty.” – Lucy, 11, Dunshaughlin Guides.

“I had a ball. I made some amazing memories that I will cherish forever.” – Róisín, 17, Dunshaughlin Senior Branch

“I had a great time. The activities are so much fun. I made so many friends. The activity leaders are so kind. I hope we come back, I had a blast.” – Kasey, 13, Cealla Guides, Kells

“The people who worked in the Venture Centre were really nice. The activities were fun and interesting. We got to see the old steam engines and trams in real life, which was cool.” – Maria, 15,  Cealla Guides, Kells

“We had a great time in the Isle of Man. We enjoyed all the activities and got to explore the Isle of Man, which was awesome!” – Caitlin, 12, Navan Guides and Aisling, 12, Cealla Guides, Kells

“The Isle of Man trip for me was a good experience. I got to see and do the activities. I made new friends here and it was very organised. I would like to revisit again, to see a bit more of the Isle of Man. As a Leader, it was great to see all the interaction with the Guides who were relatively new, who hadn’t much experience of international Guiding before. These girls did really well, even with the high/lows of missing home. Each Guide was always there to listen/comfort each other, for me that was great to see happening- giving each other confidence.” – Sióbhan, Leader with Navan Guides