Meet our new Ambassador!

We are delighted that blogger, social commentator and Alternative Miss Ireland, Sinéad Burke, has agreed to be our Honorary Ambassador for 2017.

Sinéad, who is also known by her alter ego Minnie Mélange, was presented with a Trailblazer Award by IGG’s (outgoing) President Maureen Dillon at our annual Council meeting in Airfield on 1 April 2017.

Maureen said she was delighted to welcome Ms Burke as the recipient of the award. “Sinéad is a primary school teacher, a PhD candidate, a broadcaster, a public speaker, Alternative Miss Ireland and, under her alter ego Minnie Mélange, a blogger and social commentator,” she said.

“Sinéad is a person of great spirit and heart who has already gone far. We are very fortunate that she is to be our Trailblazer Ambassador for the next 12 months as, in a short time, she has blazed a trail for women in so many aspects of modern day Irish society. A wonderful advocate for girls and women, she is working hard to create a future where equality is a reality rather than an aspiration.”

Personal Development Begins During Childhood

Addressing IGG Council members, Sinéad said: “So many of the personal characteristics that I’m proud to possess as an adult were first instigated and nurtured in my childhood,” she said. “Qualities such as resilience, kindness, leadership, organisation, empathy, thoughtfulness and a deep understanding of the power of friendship were modelled and then emulated during the many intensely pleasurable years I spent as a Girl Guide.

Young Women in Irish Society

“The organisation has transformed the ways in which young Irish women and girls are positioned in Irish society, but it has also enriched members with experiences and networks that challenge, support and satisfy their curiosities and ambitions.

“Most importantly, the Girl Guides has cultivated a safe space where girls and young women can admit their vulnerabilities and revel in their unique successes. It arms the next generation with confidence, pride and an awareness that encourages them to speak out against injustices and chase the most aspirational realities. I could not be more honoured to be this year’s Honorary Ambassador for the Irish Girls Guides and am tangibly excited to meet with and learn from the young women.”