IGGNITE2017 – Day 3!

On Tuesday morning we, Griffeen Valley Guides from Lucan, Lily Guides from Newbridge and our international visitors, North Down Guides from Kent in England, all woke up to a day of fun-filled activities, as we were heading off to Cashel.

We packed our lunch, waterproofs and applied the sunscreen before we left our site. We piled onto the bus with excitement and travelled to Fethard, where we showed off our skills at archery and enjoyed a nice tour of the town. We were greeted by a very funny tour guide who told us the history of each building and stories of soldiers’ forbidden love. The town became alive as we explored the castle and old churches. We sat down in the sun for some lunch with the beautiful town as a view, before we hopped back on the bus to Cashel. We were very excited for our talent show in the evening and practised our song with the help of our bus driver’s speaker.

We hiked up to the Rock of Cashel and sat down to enjoy the view and amazing weather before joining a tour around the castle. We said goodbye to the rock and walked back down to the town centre. There we met with some activity staff for some more exciting activities. We were treated to some ice-creams as we rested in Cashel.

Next, we split into two groups, half of our group joined some staff in a small library beside a church not too far from the castle. We learned about the art of calligraphy and the history behind it. We were shocked with the amount of work that went into decorating and writing each page in some of the ancient books in Ireland, such as the Book of Kells. Each girl then had the chance to use a quill and ink to practise her skills.

The other half of our group took part in a scavenger hunt around the town of Cashel. Braving the rain, the girls ran frantically around searching for clues and figuring out riddles as they worked in teams to complete the hunt.

We jumped back on the bus to Rockwell exhausted after enjoying our day off-site. After a dinner of pizza and potato wedges, we returned to our campsite to practise our song and dances for the talent show. We put on our matching t-shirts and walked down to represent Glow 14. We really enjoyed the talent shows and loved every minute of performing and showing off all of our dancing and singing to all the other girls in Glow.

We returned to our campsite for a campfire, hot chocolate and goodies. We all slept well that night and overall we loved our day off-site and being a part of the talent show and really becoming a lot closer as a sub-camp.

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