Holidays are the perfect time for badge work!

Did you know school holidays are the perfect time for girls to work on badges individually? Just because Units take a break for a couple of weeks over Christmas doesn’t mean girls have to stop doing badge work.

Take Kate of Millmount Girl Guides, Drogheda, for example. Kate is currently working towards her Trail Blazer National Guide Award. She enjoys working on Guide badges so much that she earned five during the summer holidays! Here she writes about her experience:

During the summer of 2018 I worked on five badges for Girl Guides. I decided to do this because the summer can be very long and I knew this could fill some of the time. I chose these badges because I worked out that I could do them without leaving the house or without anybody else’s help.

The first badge I worked on was the Care of the Elderly badge. This involved learning about an organisation for elderly people in my town, knowing how to summon help for an elderly person who has fallen or is unwell and, finally, knowing ways to help the elderly in the community.

The second badge I selected was the Disability Awareness badge and, to complete this badge, I had to know some disabilities people might face and to research a famous person who had a disability or condition. The person I researched was Stephen Hawking who had a rare disability known as ALS (motor neurone disease) that gradually paralysed him.

Badge number three was the Pet Care badge. The fact that I have a dog helped with the completion of this particular badge.

The Science Investigator badge came next and this led me to the wonderful work of Albert Einstein and Marie Curie – two world famous and inspirational scientists. I really enjoyed this badge because I also got to learn about the fascinating world of Crime Scene Investigation (CSI).

Finally, I did the Farmer badge where I had to research three types of farming machinery and I also had to list the most common livestock and crops found in Ireland.

I enjoyed completing these badges because I got to learn about things I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t decided to do these tasks.

Well done Kate! You’re a true Trail Blazer!