Climate Justice Challenge inspires participants to create a better world

Well done to the members of Galway, Moycullen and St Bridget’s Senior Branch Units and Lucan Guides who took part in an ECO-UNESCO initiative, which saw them undertaking climate action projects in their local communities.

This resulted in them delivering presentations on their action projects during the ECO-UNESCO Climate Justice Showcase at the end of Youth Climate Justice Week.

Here Diane Iroulor of Galway City Senior Branch writes about her experience:

The challenge aimed to increase young people’s understanding of what climate justice is and to take an action on it. Climate justice is when you look at climate change not just as an environmental issue, but also as a social and political issue. It acknowledges the fact that the people who are suffering the most from the effects of climate change have done the least to contribute to it.

My unit and I researched fast fashion, its effects on the environment and the harms caused to garment workers. Fast fashion is when people are not reusing their own clothes and buying new ones they are probably going to wear once. We wanted our project to encourage slow fashion, which is when people take care of their clothes, wear them for a long time and buy second hand or sustainably sourced.

To encourage this, we had a social media campaign on our Instagram, @galwaycityseniorbranch. We posted infographics on why fast fashion is a climate justice issue, videos on how to avoid fast fashion and a couple of memes for fun! These posts were shared by lots of people and we got some media attention. One of our members even got on our local radio station, Flirt FM, to talk about the project!

I really enjoyed creating my own posts for our Instagram and creating the presentation video at the end. We all worked together, to do our part from the introduction, middle and ending. It was great to work together as a team and I enjoyed learning how to create and edit videos and voiceovers.

At the presentations, seeing everybody’s projects was really informative and inspiring. It made me think that we all need to do our part to help the environment. Whether it’s using a bamboo toothbrush or cutlery, or even having a litter pick with your unit, it is helping the community and the environment.

I am inspired to take all I learned with me into the future to create a better world.