Activate Voices Against Violence 3

What an exciting last day we had!

The group convened after a hearty breakfast and in threes presented a selection of the Voices Against Violence curriculum activities. The curriculum is divided into four age ranges: Early Years (5-7 years), Young Years (7-11 years), Middle Years (11-16 years) and Older Years (17-25 years). Each curriculum topic is divided into six parts: Start, Think, Identify, Support, Speak Out and Take Action. This is beneficial as it gives us a clear link to how the activities fit into our Journey Programme.

Siobhán presented a great Human Rights Musical Chair Game – you had to be there!

In the afternoon we participated in a video conference with Nefeli Themeli – the WAGGGS Global Programme Manager calling from Athens and Jean-Ann Ndow, the Advocacy Manager for the Stop the Violence campaign calling from London. Their presentation focussed on the place of the Voices Against Violence campaign and curriculum within the mission and vision of WAGGGS. We then discussed the five pillars of the Stop the Violence campaign: Awareness Raising; Education Programme; Research and Policy; Lobbying Programme; Campaign Action Plans.

Nefeli and Jean-Ann identified the role as “influencing others to take decisions that improve our lives and the lives of others”, and how action must be targeted at decision-makers within society. Their presentation concluded with inspiring examples of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts advocating for girls and young women around the world.

The afternoon concluded with a discussion led by Tanya Tulloch on the role of monitoring and evaluation in advocacy work.

Following Chalet up-keep duties and a nourishing dinner, the whole group trekked across a snow-covered field and found the campfire where we sat and sang local and international Guiding action songs. It was so much fun. We then returned to the T-bar where we continued to chat and share stories and badges well into the night.

As this is our first international Leaders’ training we would like to reflect on what an amazing experience this has been. To have the opportunity to discuss these issues with Leaders from all corners of the world has been wonderful, hearing their stories and talking through the issues with these inspirational women.

Our Chalet itself is just incredible, we are blessed to have this jewel as a World Centre and we would both love to visit again and would recommend any of you to do so if the opportunity arises.