World Thinking Day 2018

To mark World Thinking Day, 22 February 2018, IGG members will join Girl Guides throughout the world in celebrating the Impact that Guiding has on their lives and on their communities.

This year’s theme of Impact follows on from last year’s theme of Grow and the previous year’s theme Connect. The impact of Girl Guides, of course, is all about bringing positive change to individuals and communities.

Everything we do in Girl Guiding has an impact on our lives and the lives of the people around us. By taking part in relevant, exciting and fun activities, youth members experience positive change within themselves. As they develop different skills such as communication, collaboration, creativity, commitment and citizenship, they get motivated to make a positive change in the community and wider world. Hence, Impact in Girl Guiding happens individually and collectively!

For the first time ever, the World Thinking Day challenge will become a global mosaic of change-making ambassadors!

Why a mosaic? When small pieces (such as our individual changes) as positioned in the right way, they create one complete image: the bigger impact we create together!

The World Thinking Day 2018 mosaic has four parts:

  1. The flame is the spark that inspires us to bring change
  2. Two stars are shining bright and equip us with the skills and knowledge we need
  3. The compass leads the way in order to make change happen
  4. The Trefoil leaves are giving shape to mark our impact

World Thinking Day 2018, like every World Thinking Day, is an opportunity to celebrate being one in 10 million, to be inspired by the history and impact of our global Movement, to connect with the worldwide sisterhood of Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting, to take action and speak out on issues we care about and to make a difference by fundraising for projects around the world.

This year’s World Thinking Day contributions will help raise money for:

  • Stop the Violence campaign
  • World Thinking Day programme
  • Grants for girls and young women to attend leadership development projects
  • New Guiding projects, so girls can join Guiding in their country for the first time

… And much more!