What’s in my Backpack?

Orla O’Neill, a Leader with Sí Gaoith Guides in Barna and with Galway City Senior Branch, learned a fun activity at The Academy in Slovenia that she would like to share. It sounds like a great ice-breaker or introduction to a workshop:

While at the Academy, I learned about an activity that I think would make a fun ice-breaker or introduction to a topic. When we played it in Slovenia, we used it as an introduction to advocacy.

We drew a backpack on a piece of paper. We wrote in the backpack skills we thought an advocate should have that we also had and, outside of the bag, we wrote skills that we would like to improve.

We then crumpled up the papers and had a ‘snowball fight’. We threw the papers around the room, making sure to get our own one as far away from us as possible. We then picked up one that was near to us and uncrumpled it.

We went around the room asking everyone if they had the skills that were on the page e.g. “Are you listening and confident?” When we found the person whose page we had, we linked arms with them. The game kept going until everyone was linking arms.

This can be adapted to an ice-breaker by writing three things you like/dislike inside/outside the bag or things you are good/bad at. It can be made into an introduction to a topic by writing the skills that a person from the topic would/wouldn’t have or things they would have/wouldn’t have or how they feel about the topic (good and bad feelings).