Welcome to the new Guiding year!

Thank you to our President, Maureen Murphy, for her message for the new Guiding year:

We have had a great summer with lots of sun! I hope you have enjoyed your summer and have had time to relax.

I have enjoyed seeing all the photos of the many activities and events that have taken place – from the international events in Georgia, Denmark and the Netherlands to the four-day trek along the Barrow and all the Unit camps. So many opportunities for new experiences, new friendships and fun!

The beginning of a new Guiding year is always exciting – a blank canvas, new members and new plans and opportunities. It is a busy time for Leaders and I hope it is a great Guiding year for you all and for your Units.

The Regional conferences are coming up and they provide opportunities to get new ideas, link with friends and network. Cookie Week too is on the horizon and was a successful way  last year to both fundraise and  get local publicity.

I am travelling to Eastbourne in October with 15 Trefoil Guild members for an International Gathering. There are lots of other international opportunities coming up for you all to consider.

I would like to encourage you all to get involved with  some of the opportunities on offer at local, Regional, national and international level this year.