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Guiding is an opportunity – it gives you the chance to help the next generation to learn to live and grow into adults equipped to cope with the joys, the anxieties, the fears and the demands of life. Guiding encourages the best in us as it gives us the opportunity to discover new ideas, new skills, new experiences and new friendships.

You will find that the friendships you form with other Leaders and your relationship with the girls will enrich your life and help with your personal development. It will also provide you with important lifeskills that are transferable to other aspects of your life such as career, travel, studies, family and friendships.

There is a place for everyone in Irish Girl Guides (IGG) and there are many different roles that you can take up that suit your availability and your skill set.

Below is IGG’s Volunteer Policy which outlines the roles and responsibilities of both our volunteers and the organisation.

Types of Volunteering

Some adults:

  • Volunteer at weekly meetings with our youth members and become a Leader
  • Volunteer for a Non-Unit role – e.g. committee membership, administration, specific skill teaching and become Non-Unit Volunteers (NUV) 
  • Join Trefoil Guild
  • Become an occasional helper with a Unit or in your local area

The adult volunteers who are responsible for the running of a Unit are called Leaders.  They set the tone, generate the atmosphere, plan and run the activities for the girls in the Unit. There is a support network of volunteers and staff available to help each volunteer on her leadership journey.

All of our volunteers complete a screening process when they begin volunteering with us.  They also receive training and must complete a number of requirements to gain a licence, called a warrant, after which there are many different opportunities available to them. Women who take on leadership roles have the opportunity to increase their organisational, youth work and outdoor knowledge, and improve their skills by working in teams with other like-minded people.

Frequently Asked Questions

No external qualifications are needed. You just need to enjoy working with girls and young women and you can gain Irish Girl Guides’ qualifications once you are enrolled as an adult member of the organisation.


Training is provided through local, regional and national trainings and at your weekly Unit meetings. Trainings cover a wide range of subjects including the Promise and Law, programme planning, first aid, outdoor activities and child protection.

Garda Vetting for the Youth Work sector for new volunteers is now mandatory. People who have on-going contact with children, in the provision of leisure or physical activities (paid or voluntary), other than those who assist ‘occasionally’ or in the course of a family or personal relationship, must be vetted. This applies whether the person works alone or accompanied by another adult. Failure to comply with this duty is now an offence under legislation. 

Garda Vetting is only one element of IGG’s recruitment and selection procedures and new volunteers must successfully complete all elements of the screening process before becoming registered members of IGG. The information disclosed through IGG’s screening process will at all times remain confidential and be treated with the utmost respect. All personal information received verbally or in writing will be treated as confidential.

If you cannot commit to a weekly meeting, you can become a Unit Helper or a Non-Unit Volunteer. Unit Helpers attend meetings occasionally to help out but are not members. They do not wear uniform but may wear an orange neckerchief, and they are not obliged to take part in programme planning or extra activities. Unit Helpers are not Assistant Leaders and should not be left on their own or with other Unit Helpers to run the Unit. They must complete a Unit Helper Agreement Form.

Alternatively you can be a Non-Unit Volunteer and volunteer for a specific role within the organisation – helping to organise an event or working on one of our many committees in a variety of different roles. You will be a member of the organisation and wear the Leader uniform and make your Promise and Law like other members. Contact us to find out the best way you can share your skills with us in IGG.

You can contact your local unit to have an introduction to Guiding.  Alternatively, contact National Office and they will put you in touch with the appropriate person in your locality.

A warrant is a licence to be a Leader of the Irish Girl Guides. To hold a warrant you must have successfully completed the full screening process and be an enrolled member of IGG.  There are two stages in the warrant process – Assistant Leader warrant and Leader warrant.  The scheme is based on a period of service with a Unit.  Everything you do as a Leader with your Unit contributes towards your training.

We have Regional Development Officers who work in each Region and can support you on your journey with the Irish Girl Guides or you can contact National Office who will put you in touch with the most appropriate person to help you to get started. If you have a local Unit, you can contact them directly and the local Commissioner will help you through the process.

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