Tivoli & Whitechurch Guides’ trip to England

Members of Tivoli and Whitechurch Guides went on an adventure to England over Easter. Here three of the Guides tell us about the experience.

First Camille says:

“So over the Easter holidays four Guides from Tivoli and 5 Whitechurch Guides and three Leaders went to the New Forest and London for four nights. We stayed in Foxlease, which is near Southampton. There we did tunnelling; it was raining and mucky! We also did bonding exercises, which were fun.

“We got a bus to London and did some shopping when we got there. After that we went to Nandos. Then we got the underground back to Pax Lodge (one of the WAGGGS World Centres) and had a good night’s sleep.

“The next day we went to Tower Bridge and the Science Museum. Lastly we went to Platform 9¾, which was so much fun!

“On the last day we went to London City Airport but our plane was cancelled. Four of us got a plane from City Airport and the rest of us went to Heathrow. In the end we made it home, though, so that’s all that matters.

“All in all, it was an amazing trip with lots of great experiences. We are very grateful to all the Leaders for putting up with us!”

Rebecca says:

“On 31 March, we woke up early at Foxlease and had breakfast. Then we stripped the beds and cleaned up the barn where we were staying. We then packed our lunch, and left our suitcases in the hallway. Then our taxi came and we drove to a coach station. We drove on the coach for two hours approximately. Then we arrived in London. We got a bus to Pax Lodge and, when we arrived, we ate our lunch.

“We then left our bags in our room and left on the bus again. We stopped in London and started walking to a Guide shop. The buildings in London were very modern and fascinating. There were lots of red buses and red telephone boxes. We went on lots of tube trains during the trip and they were very fun.

“Compared to Dublin, it was a lot more busy and there was a lot more to do and see. Around every corner there were lots of shops and landmarks. When we got to the shop we looked around and bought some souvenirs. We continued on walking and we went to Covent Garden. Along the way I took lots of pictures. When we got there we saw lots of street acts and they were very funny. We did some shopping and afterwards we went to Nandos. Our dinner was very nice.

“We then got the bus home and went to bed. I really enjoyed my trip to London and made some great new friends!”

Thea writes:

“First stop was Foxlease. As soon as we landed we went to get the bus to Foxlease; the bus journey was very long. We took two buses – both of them had WIFI and plug sockets. Yay! When we got there the doors were locked. We did lots of activities, like tunnelling and team-building exercises. We got very dirty but it was fun! Our leaders gave us all a Foxlease badge.

“Next Stop was London. We got the bus to London. When we got there, we got the tube to someplace and went shopping. We got Nandos. The next day we went to the Science Museum and Tower Bridge. Then we got Milanos.

“Then we went to Buckingham Palace. It was soooooo good – we got to go in the grounds because the Queen was a Girl Guide, but we weren’t allowed to take pictures or videos. Then we went to the best burger place in the world – the Shake Shack.

“Then we went to the airport and our flight got cancelled. So Bob got four people a flight – one Leader and three Guides. The rest of us went to a different airport and caught an Aer Lingus plane and we all came home safely. We got home at midnight and went straight to bed!”