Reigniting the Guiding spirit at Sangam!

Thanks to Vera O’Riordan, a member of McEgan Senior Branch, Macroom, who sent us the following:

I wrote this poem while on a two-week trip with Senior Branch to Sangam, the Guide World Centre located in Pune, India. As part of the Sangam Challenge, we were encouraged to participate in the campfire Sangam has. Campfires are great for sharing songs, but I also love campfires that involve storytelling and skits, so I decided to write a quick poem for everyone there!

The programme we undertook at Sangam was called Discover Your Potential and we all felt the hospitality and activities that were ongoing at Sangam were a great way to reignite our Guiding spirit! Just for fun, in this poem I chat about the hiking we did, the lovely people of Pune we met and the jokes we shared along the way …

All the places we’ll go

In Sangam and beyond

Hundreds of miles from home

As we jump from the cosy Irish pond


We heard tropical birds

Went for a trek

Hiked the beautiful countryside

Embraced the monsoon’s wet


All the people we met

From lands far away

The meals we shared

And their games we played


All the stories we shared

I knew I’ve a fair few from Cork

We laughed at our Irish dancing

And how we couldn’t eat dinner without a fork


All the lessons we learned

About community strength and resilience

Our batteries came home restored

Ready to share our inner Guiding brilliance!