New and exciting challenges!

On 4 June 2018 I stepped onto the Pelican of London for the first time. This was also my first time ever being near a tall ship and yet there I was ready to set sail on this ship until the 14 June with people I had never met before. It was a comfort to know that I would be accompanied by three other members of Senior Branch from all corners of Ireland.

The first thing we had to do was check in with our captain and hand over our passports. After that, all the trainees started to mingle and to get to know each other. Within minutes we could see ourselves becoming close friends with everyone on board. The crew then gave us a brief introduction to sailing and went over all the rules and safety precautions.

Within a day we were all set up in our watch systems and we were ready to work to the best of our ability for the next few days.

It did not take long for me or anyone else to get into a routine. We would wake up for watch, eat, sleep and also find time to become friends with the other trainees. It was no easy task but soon we were so used to it that it felt like we had been doing it for years.

My favourite part about life on the ship was being on watch. I loved tackling new and exciting challenges with a group of like-minded peers. With each new challenge we took on together, we became closer as friends.

The hardest challenge I had to face was leaving the ship because I felt as if I was leaving behind my family. On a positive note, I left the Pelican of a London with a wealth of nautical knowledge and large number of new friends. The experiences I have had on board have shaped me into a more confident and more outgoing person.

I would highly recommend for everyone to go on a tall ship voyage at least once in their life. Now that I’ve been once, I can’t wait to go again!