National Good Turn Week!

Irish Girl Guides members will be carrying out a good turn each day during National Good Turn Week (23-29 April). With 12,000 members, that adds up to a whopping 84,000 #GoodTurns in one week. Wow!

There’s lots of ways girls will be carrying out #GoodTurns. They may help with housework, offer to walk a neighbour’s dog or do shopping for an elderly neighbour. They could raise money for charity by holding a bake sale or by taking part in An Taisce’s Spring Clean with their Unit.

They could let someone go ahead of them in a queue or donate some toys to charity. They could do a good turn for the environment by walking or cycling to school or turning off the tap while brushing their teeth.

We’re asking everyone to share their good turns on social media using the hashtag #GoodTurns.

You can download the National Good Turns Week record here and order badges from the online shop here.

#GoodTurns are a great way of having a positive impact on the people around us – our families and our communities. By carrying out good turns daily, the value of volunteering is impressed upon our members from a young age.

National Good Turn Week links to the Journey Programme in the following ways:

Ladybirds Discover Compulsory Challenge No. 2 “Learn about different ways to help others at home/playground/school.”

Brownies Detect Compulsory Challenge No. 6 “Keep a record of your good turns for a week.”

Guides Pathfinder – Becoming a Guide Compulsory Challenge no. 10 “Keep a record of good turns carried out for a week.”