National Cookie Month!

November is National Cookie Month with our members aiming to sell a total of 30,000 packets of choc-chip cookies!

Selling cookies is a great way for our members to develop entrepreneurial skills. By deciding how many packets to order, how to go about selling the biscuits and how they will spend the proceeds of their sales, the girls are developing money management and business skills.

The initiative has been given the hashtag #FutureCEOs, which stands for Creating Entrepreneur Opportunities.

IGG Chief Commissioner Helen Concannon says, “It is hoped that all girls who get involved will develop and strengthen teamwork, communication, money management and goal-setting skills.

“We want to change the imbalance of the number of women in decision-making positions across the various sectors of society such as business, communities, companies and board rooms all around Ireland and beyond. And this begins by giving girls confidence.”

Alison Cowzer of Dragon’s Den is partnering with IGG for the initiative and the choc-chip cookies are being made in the factory that she co-founded – East Coast Bakehouse, which is the biggest biscuit-making facility in Ireland. Ms Cowzer is delighted to lend her support, given that “it could take centuries to achieve equality without serious efforts to bring women into male-dominated spheres such as business and politics.”

Members of Boyne Valley Brownies, Drogheda, and Dundalk Senior Branch were lucky enough to visit East Coast Bakehouse and gain first-hand some entrepreneurial tips from Ms Cowzer. She said it was important to know your numbers, know your product and know your customer. She also said, “You have to get out and talk to people about the cookies … and give them a taste! Celebrate every sale!”