Join our Sustainable Camp At Home 5-7 June!

Our members are all set to take part in a Sustainable Camp At Home the weekend of 5-7 June 2020 and they are inviting children and young people arond Ireland to join them!  

You don’t have to own a tent. You don’t even need a garden. You can simply use rugs, duvets and your imagination to make a den or makeshift shelter indoors.  

That’s what some girls did during our last Camp At Home in April. And the event was such a hit with our youth members that we have decided to do the same again and to invite other children, young people and families to join in the fun too. 

The theme ‘Sustainable Camping and Living’ was chosen to tie in with World Environment Day (5 June) and IGG has produced a helpful Camp At Home resource, which is full of ideas for sustainable activities and challenges that can be undertaken while camping at home.  

These include doing a nature scavenger hunt, recycling old items to make something new, doing a litter pick in your locality and, the favourite of Girl Guides everywhere, making s’mores – toasting marshmallows over a campfire (or a nightlight works too).  

You can download the resource here and we would encourage you to share photos and videos of your Camp At Home on social media with the hashtags #IGGCampAtHome and #SustainableCamping. 

But, most important of all, be sure to have a lot of fun! 

“Our Camp At Home events are a great way to lift the spirits of young people and families at this time,” says IGG Chief Commissioner Amanda O’Sullivan. “Not only for our members, but for everyone. We hope this fun initiative will help people find healthy and positive ways to keep active and busy at home while also taking time to consider the impact on the environment of their way of living and perhaps finding ways to live more sustainably.  

“That could be by recycling and composting more, supporting local producers and suppliers and finding ways to cut down on water and energy usage. These are all small steps we can take and, if we all take small steps, together we can make a huge difference.  

This ties in with the Responsible Consumerism Badge programme we launched earlier this year, which sees our members learn about the importance of re-use and recycling and the impact of plastic on the environment. They learn how to make beeswax wrap, make games out of recycled materials and upcycle clothes,” says Ms O’Sullivan.