IGGNITE2017 Set Up Day

Hello, we are Ava, Caoimhe and Sorcha from Carrigaline, Co. Cork and Newbridge Co. Kildare.

We arrived bright and early on Saturday July 29th to Rockwell College in Co. Tipperary. When we arrived, Aoife Leamy collected us on a golf cart and gave us a quick tour around the campsite. We then went to register and got our fabulous sparkly t-shirts and our name-tags, which made us feel and look very professional. After our lunch, made by the amazing Adrienne and her team, we were immediately put on a job to go put up a UNICEF tent. It took us about 20 minutes to figure out how it worked, but with great skills and Finnish acrobatics, we managed to get the tent up.

We (Caoimhe and Sorcha) decided it was a good idea to go visit our Unit Leaders at their camp. We weren’t even there 5 seconds and we were given a job to put up sitemaps. Five o’clock came around and we all rushed to pick a good spot to put up our own tent. We eventually found one and set up our homes for the next week.

After our fabulous turkey dinner, we had a staff meeting in the cafeteria. The staff meeting was great and we got a very enthusiastic and inspirational speech from Camp Chief, Jenny Gannon. We were introduced to all the main staff members and found out what was going on for the week. After the staff meeting we went outside to find it was now really dark and Aisling had no tent up, so we had to put up the tent in the dark and then we decorated it with very pretty lights. It was 11 o’clock by now and we were ready for bed but then we were told we had to write this blog. Thanks Aoife xoxo.

Overall the day was busy but a really great first day at IGGNITE2017 and we’re very excited  for the week ahead!