IGGNITE2017 – Day 2!

Waking up your first morning at camp is always an exciting feeling! Maybe the light coming through your tent woke you up, or the birds in the trees, or the giggling girls walking past in their wellies as they go to brush their teeth.

The buzz of the previous night’s Opening Ceremony certainly hadn’t worn off when I emerged Monday morning – and neither had the rain. Lots of girls in their raincoats were running around getting ready to go to their activities, wondering what they would be doing first.

From adventurous activities, like Medi Disaster and wide games, exploring the local area, to kayaking and drama workshops, learning how to be an advocate, as well as fun and silly games, there were loads of different things the girls would be doing and they couldn’t wait to get started.

After a very busy day, there was one more thing to do, and that was a Scavenger Hunt. The girls were given a list of 20 items that they had to find on the campsite including a feather, a bottlecap, a candle and something that had been on more than three Guide camps. With these items, once they’d found them all, they had to make a picture or sculpture or an art piece with them. And the creativity was amazing! Everyone had loads of fun and loved checking out everyone else’s art pieces.

On your first day of a big camp, it can sometimes be a bit daunting, with all these new people from all over Ireland and all over the world. But after Monday’s activities there were new friendships formed that will cross the seas and oceans from Ireland to Scotland, Canada, Malaysia, New Zealand and so many other places.

I think it’s safe to say that Day 2 was a successful one and I can’t wait to see what adventures the rest of the week holds!

See the IGGNITE2017 Facebook page for lots of photos!