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Guiding is an opportunity – it gives you the chance as an adult to help the next generation to learn to live and grow into adults equipped to cope with the joys, the anxieties, the fears and the demands of life. Guiding encourages the best in us as it gives us the opportunity to discover new ideas, new skills, new experiences and new friendships.

You will find that the friendships you form with other Leaders and your relationship with the girls will enrich your life and help with your own personal development. Guiding will also provide you with important lifeskills that are transferable to other aspects of your life such as career, travel, studies, family and friendships.

There is a place for everyone in IGG and there are many different roles that you can take up that suit your availability and your skill set. 

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For more information visit the Volunteer page.

For more information on how to register a girl as a Youth Member, visit the Unit Locator to find a Unit near you or contact our National Office.

Donate & Support

Thank you for choosing to support IGG. Your money helps to ensure that we can continue to provide opportunities for more girls and young women to discover their potential. It funds the programmes and resources for our girls, training opportunities for our 1,800 volunteer Leaders, national events for members and participation at international events.

Donate Online

Make an instant online donation by debit or credit card.

Set up a monthly donation today through your debit or credit card at the link above. Alternatively you can contact IGG for our account details to set up a standing order.

Regular donations help us to better plan for the future. Donations of more than €250 in one calendar year are eligible for tax relief. €250 is actually worth €362 to the Irish Girl Guides – at no extra cost to you.

Every year IGG benefits from donations that people have made in their will. Leaving a gift to the Irish Girl Guides in this way is a lovely way for your generosity to last beyond your own lifetime and helps to ensure the organisation you value today will continue to make a difference tomorrow. Your gift can be as general or specific as you like. IGG will fully honour your wishes and donors can remain anonymous if they so wish. Any bequests you make in your will to a registered charity are exempt from Gift or Inheritance Tax.

  • Support local, Regional and National fundraising events held by IGG
  • Host your own fundraising event for IGG. You can choose to host a fundraising event of your own to raise money for IGG. Plan, organise and host a creative event or activity. Have fun and promote IGG at the same time.

€30 will buy a Ladybird her first uniform

€40 will pay membership fees for one member

€50 will allow one Guide to attend her Regional Camp

€100 will cover the costs of one Brownie to go to a Pack Holiday

€150 will pay for one Leader to attend a National Conference

€200 will support one Senior Branch member to complete the Chief Commissioner’s Award

€500 will cover the costs of craft and activity equipment for one Unit for a year

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly

E-mail: or call 01-668 3898


Your donations will make a difference to the lives of over 12,000 girls and women across Ireland.