Go Global

Go Global took place in Dublin on 21 April. Here several IGG members give a flavour of the event …

A Guide’s view

We had an early start to the morning with our bus leaving Kinsale at 6.45am. We shared a bus with Bandon and Ballincollig Guides and it was nice to see some familiar faces. Everybody was very excited for our day out in Dublin.

After the long journey, we arrived at Go Global. We were shown to the Zephyr Room where we had some snacks. We ate outside because it was so sunny for once. I was put into Group One and we did the bracelet-making activity first. It is a traditional Indian craft from Sangam World Centre. Next we went to learn about Timpeall an Domhain. This is a competition where groups do a project on a chosen country. The group of Guides talking to us had won last year’s national competition in their category. They were really friendly and helped us make our own little posters on any country. We did our project on Denmark and it was really interesting to work with new people.

After our busy morning we had a break for lunch. There were a few people that I had met at other camps so it was nice to catch up with them. Hopefully I’ll see them soon on our next trip.

We got back into our groups to do more activities. We learned about Georgia (the country under Russia, not the State in America)! This activity was run by three of the young Leaders that I am going to Georgia with this summer. I enjoyed seeing them again. We learned some of the Georgian language and a bit about their Guides. I think this was my favourite activity because we had a laugh and tried some Georgian date cake.

Next we went outside into the sun for our Kusafiri activity. This is the newest of the World Centres and is different to the others in that it moves around different locations in Africa, hence its name which means ‘traveller’. To symbolise that we were travellers, we painted our feet and stamped on paper plates to make colourful footprints. This activity was fun because I got the chance to talk to new people and I had fun outside in the sun. After a long day, we got onto our bus for our shopping trip. I really enjoyed Go Global and learned a lot about the travel opportunities out there for me. I would definitely go again next year.

~ Sarah C, Kinsale Guides, Co. Cork

International Permit training for Leaders

As a Leader who recently became UCP (Unit Contact Person) of a Guide Unit, I felt that I needed to obtain my International Permit in order to give our girls as many opportunities as possible to travel and experience other countries. Go Global gave me this opportunity.

The training given by Theresa McCarthy, a former International Commissioner, gave us Leaders an in-depth insight into what qualifications Leaders need, what forms to complete for events, and the different types of international events we could experience, such as Jamborees, World Centre visits and international camps. We also discussed the best time of year to go on trips, what type of package deals would be the best option, budgeting and fundraising ideas. The Permit training also covered preparation before travelling such as risk assessment, health and safety issues, and designing a group charter.

Overall, the training was very informative. I particularly enjoyed the memorable stories from other Leaders – often sharing experiences is the best way to discover the dos and don’ts of travelling with Guides.

~ Rose O’Shea, St Barbara’s Guides, Ballincollig. Co. Cork

Go Global for Leaders

I attended the Leaders’ Event at Go Global to find out about international experiences. It was both fun and informative. It was great to actually find out about the experiences and opportunities available to both the Leaders and the girls. Being able to chat to other Leaders about their experiences and ideas was quite intriguing. Also, being spoilt with tea and Danish pastries on arrival, and tea and sandwiches for lunch, also went down a treat.

~ Breda Walsh, Kinsale Guides, Co. Cork

International Permit Training

I attended Go Global as a Leader. The training I attended was for the International Permit. This was my first time applying for a Permit. It is aimed at Guide Leaders and Senior Branch leaders. Even though I am a Brownie leader, I am travelling to England in July with Guides so I felt it was important that I attend a training day like this.

The facilitator was Theresa McCarthy.  I found it a very informative and enjoyable day.  It was encouraging to hear other Leaders discuss how they deal with situations that might come up. I would recommend this course to everyone who is interested in travelling abroad with Irish Girl Guides.

~ Olive Clarke, Siamsa Brownies, Bandon, Co. Cork

Go Global Events Training Day

As a new Leader, I was delighted with the opportunity to head to Dublin and be part of the Go Global training day. I had little to go on so, like the Guides, I was intrigued.

I was impressed how registration ran smoothly into refreshments, and into the course starting. We had a mixed group of experienced Leaders and that gave me further insights into IGG.

We started by looking at the different Global Events available through IGG. International Commissioner Lorna Finnegan is passionate and knowledgeable, and clearly the person to go to for further information on any international events. I certainly enjoyed the direct delivery and lack of paperwork during the course. For Leaders, like Guides, it is important to gather and chat, and I enjoyed the group discussion that continued into lunch.

The second half of the course was particularly interesting. It was about the selection process and what makes a good candidate to represent IGG. Again, some Leaders in the group had recently been away and had great insights and experiences to share. Fundraising was another interesting topic.

In conclusion, the day was informative and friendly and, in a good way, it left me wanting to know more about international opportunities.

~ Olive Howe, St Peter’s Guides, Bandon, Co. Cork