Feeling proud of ourselves!

Ella, Layla-Grace, Emily, Síofra, Ava and myself – Laoise – from St. Attracta’s Senior National School in Meadowbrook were on Churchtown Brownies Table Quiz Team and we are the IGG All-Ireland Brownie Table Quiz Champions!


The first quiz was against local Units and took place in Whitechurch National School,

Rathfarnham, which we were surprised to win. Then we went on to the Regional Round,

which was held in Portmarnock Guide Den and we were so happy to make it to the final. We

all got Regional Finalist Badges and a cute knitting set.


The National Final took place in Irish Girl Guides National Office, Pembroke Park, on Saturday

28 April. We met everybody on the team there. There were seven teams, including ourselves,

representing all the Regions. There were Brownies who travelled from all over Ireland. A

Leader who helped organise the quiz took pictures of all the teams outside National Office as

everyone arrived.


There were seven rounds and in between each one, they wrote the scores up and told us

the answers for the previous round. When the last round was done the Leaders joined us for

lunch and everybody had yummy Four Star Pizza and a slice of an amazing chocolate

biscuit cake, which was decorated with a Brownie and edible Interest Badges.


After ages of waiting and a sing-a-long, we were finally brought upstairs for the prize-giving.

They announced who came second and third and, when we weren’t second, I knew we won,

and WE HAD WON! The teams that came second and third got medals and we got a huge

trophy and a Brownie Lottie doll each and a framed picture of our team that was taken



We all had a great day and went home feeling very proud of ourselves!