Cookie selling a runaway success!

Let’s face it! Who does not like cookies?

Carrigdoun Girl Guides took on the challenge to sell 1,500 packets of cookies to fundraise for new camping equipment and art materials.

It’s important for us to fundraise, to ask our families, friends and community to support us.

I have learnt that not everyone could eat the cookies I was selling due to food allergies. I had to remember all the information our Leaders gave and then I was able to answer customers’ questions. It was important to explain that the monies raised by selling the cookies would be staying in the local Girl Guide Unit. When we were selling cookies out in the community it was important to wear our uniforms to show who we were representing. I really enjoyed selling most of my cookies to my classmates!

We had planned to do two cookie selling days in our local Supervalu. On the first day of selling we completely sold out of all our cookies! We were so happy with the community support shown on the day.

We enjoyed setting out goals and working together to achieve these while also gaining valuable skills along the way.