Becoming a Leader

The adult volunteers who are responsible for the running of the Unit are called Leaders. They set the tone, generate the atmosphere and demonstrate the Guiding principles so that they become intrinsic for the girls. There is a support network of volunteers and staff available to help each volunteer on her leadership journey.

The licence to be a recognised Leader in IGG is called a warrant. To hold a warrant you must be an enrolled member of IGG.  To become an enrolled adult member of the organisation – you must successfully complete the screening process and either make or reaffirm your Promise as a Leader.

Promise and Law for the Leader

When you become a Leader you will learn about the significance of the Promise and Law in our programme. Our Leaders are expected to set a high standard and act as positive role models for the girls in the way they work together as a team, the way they wear our uniform and the pride they take in being a member of the Irish Girl Guides.

When being enrolled as Leaders, the Promise made is the Guide Promise:

I promise on my honour, to do my best

To do my duty to my God* and my country,

To help other people at all times,

And to obey the Guide Law.

*The word “God” can be replaced by the word “faith” according to one’s spiritual beliefs.

The Guide Law we are promising to obey is as follows:

  1. A Guide is honest and reliable
  2. A Guide is loyal.
  3. A Guide is useful and helps others.
  4. A Guide is a friend to all and a sister to every other Guide.
  5. A Guide is polite and considerate.
  6. A Guide cares for all living things and their environment.
  7. A Guide is responsible and respects authority.
  8. A Guide has courage and is cheerful in difficulties
  9. A Guide makes good use of time, talents and materials.
  10. A Guide respects herself and others in all she thinks, says and does.


A warrant is a licence to be a recognised Leader in IGG. To hold a warrant you must be an enrolled member of IGG. There are two stages in the warrant process – Assistant Leader warrant and Leader warrant. The scheme is based on a period of service with a Unit. Everything you do, as a Leader in your Unit and as a member of your District, forms part of your pre-warrant training.

The requirements are stated in IGG’s online Handbook, and hints and tips for warrants are laid out in Leading The Way. The same requirements apply to Ladybird, Brownie, Guide and Senior Branch Leaders.

It is anticipated that volunteers will gain their Assistant Leader warrant in the first few months of their involvement. Fellow Leaders and staff will work with you as you progress through these requirements.

Once you have completed your Assistant Leader warrant, you can work towards your Leader warrant requirements. To qualify for this warrant, a longer period of commitment to leadership in IGG is required, more experience must be built up and the ability to accept full responsibility for all aspects of the Unit’s activities must be demonstrated. After a review has been carried out, you also need to be recommended to receive your Leader warrant.

Non-Unit Volunteers

There is a place for everyone in IGG and there are many different roles that you can take up that suit your availability and skill set. Leaders who are no longer able to commit to running their own Unit may be willing to support Units in their District or Area and occasionally help to run a Unit meeting when the regular Leaders are not available, for example because of illness or holidays. They may also be able to volunteer for a committee role depending on their availability. Leaders who want to stay involved as full members but are not attached to a Unit, can register as a Non-Unit Volunteer (NUV).

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