Adventures in Muckross!

Twenty Guides from St Peter’s Bandon, together with 11 Siamsa and Allin Brownies and nine Leaders, headed to Muckross Venture Centre for the weekend. Caoimhe, a member of St Peter’s Guides, wrote the following super report as part of her Guide Holiday badge:

I was excited as I was packing my bag but then the excitement seemed to ebb away as I was waiting for the day to come. Finally! It’s time to go! I have a quick bite to eat and head off. I sit next to Ailbhe on the bus. For a time both of us read our books, then we talked about what we were going to do when we got there. Ailbhe was wondering where everything was so I promised to give her a tour.

We’re here! We all unload our bags off the bus and rush upstairs to see what bed we get – oldest on the top bed, luckily that’s me! Sarah’s below me.

We all go downstairs and kind of hover around the place – I give Ailbhe the tour, it’s not quite big but cosy.  We’re all called to supper – eggy bread with nutella in-between … So yum! Oh my word, if you don’t like it, it just means you haven’t tasted it!

Then the Leaders sent us up to our bunks to get settled and put out our sleeping bags. Then Caroline came up to tell us to get ready for the campfire: that means getting changed into pyjamas and brushing teeth and getting our camp fleeces. When we got down to the campfire we sang songs, had hot chocolate and then went to bed. Well, the Leaders said to go to bed but most people stayed up, passed around sweets, then we slept.

Saturday – We walked to Muckross Abbey and then up Torc Waterfall. 246 steps! We were quite tired when we got back, but we had a talent show to prepare for. The group that won sang the Macarena – ‘Ladybirds, Brownies Guides, Leaders x 3, Hey, where’s Robert?’ (Robert was 3). We tried to tempt the Leaders to do something but only Caroline went up: she said a poem about a greenfly, yet when we came down to the campfire later, the Leaders jumped onto the chairs and started singing and dancing Mamma Mia. Then there was more hot chocolate. Ailbhe was nearly asleep on my shoulder so we all went up to bed and slept.

Sunday – No, I don’t want to go home! Not today! But unfortunately we have to go home but first we go on a short walk. We come back to packing, tidying and playing!  Although we do have to go home, I had a great time.