Activate Voices Against Violence 2

Our first session today began with dispelling the myths around violence against women. Each working group was assigned one of the seven appointed topics being covered by the campaign; we identified myths around each topic and developed strategies to bust them. Feedback led to a discussion on current campaigns being run in various countries e.g. Ask for Angela and Don’t Fly.

After mid-morning break Lisa facilitated on the meaning of consent after which groups were given scenarios and asked to decide whether ‘free and informed consent’ was given in each case. Following on from this a discussion on the importance of working with men and boys to understand and promote Stop the Violence in partnership with Member Organisations.

After lunch and the traditional Chalet group photo we partook in a privilege awareness activity whereby we were allocated various amounts of money per group and, from a list of privileges, had to prioritise which we could afford to buy and discuss why.

The campaign curriculum and associated handbooks were circulated to give us an insight as to how the programme is structured for delivery. These consisted of a Leader handbook and four for younger members ranging from 5 -25 years.

The three facilitators each demonstrated a delivery style i.e. lecturer, teacher and facilitator and the group discussed the merits and drawbacks of each style.

The model of group dynamics from formation to performance was demonstrated through the clip from The Lion King called ‘Four stages of team development’.

We were divided into groups of three and given an age group and activity from the curriculum. This was our entertainment for the remainder of the evening prepping and planning our delivery in the morning to the other participants!

Our closing reflection focused on sharing two things we will take away form the past two days’ sessions. Gotta go back to work chat tomorrow ????