Mental health campaign encourages young women to seek support

Irish Girl Guides (IGG) fully supports the #NotJustInYourHead mental health campaign that the National Women’s Council of Ireland (NWCI) launched on 7 December 2020. The campaign aims to highlight the significant and specific mental health need among young women in Ireland and encourage them to seek support when they need it.

One of our Leaders from Drogheda, Lauren Flynn, was part of the consultation process that led to this impactful campaign and here she writes about her involvement:

On 27 October I attended a Zoom meeting where NWCI, along with a Dublin-based campaign company, presented two mental health campaigns to a small group. The group was made up of about 12 young women from the ages of 16 to 25 years of age.

To start off the meeting, everyone introduced themselves to the group. We were then asked a series of general mental health questions about our thoughts on young women’s mental health in Ireland and the services available in Ireland specifically for young women. This was all done anonymously through a computer app called mentimetre.

Our anonymous answers were then depicted through charts and pictograms. These questions led on to a more open flow conversation and debate on young women’s mental health in Ireland and what was felt that young women in Ireland needed to aid and help with healthy mental health.

Two representatives from the design agency presented two different campaign ideas. Each campaign concept was presented to us along with the media and posters that would surround it. The representatives asked us a series of questions about each campaign.

There were a number of questions, such as what stood out, what came to mind when we saw the campaign, did the imagery match the campaigns, did it send a clear message, what we liked about the campaigns and disliked? The representatives took on all our ideas and feedback.

Both campaigns were very impressive and really well thought out with the group leaning in particular to one concept. It was very interesting to see the different perspectives on what women of different age groups and different backgrounds thought about the campaigns. It was a lovely panel to be part of and hopefully my IGG perspective left a positive and worthwhile impact on the campaign.

Find out all about the campaign on the NWCI website and follow the #NotJustInYourHead hashtag on social media.