Newbridge Guides generously Share Food

Congratulations to Newbridge Guides on doing their annual shop for the Newbridge Share Food scheme that helps over 100 families a week. The Guides work in their patrols and learn to budget as well as learning the cost of food and developing their teamwork skills. Here Guide Sophie writes about what is involved:

We recently went up to Tesco to buy some food for Share Food.  We got food that will last a lot longer than most other food, so that the people that need it can save some for other times. It was a very good experience and we got four or five shopping trollies full of food.

It was also good because all the groups had to work together to buy all the food that we could with the limited amount of money.

I learned the following from the Share Food experience

  • Some families do not have much food over Christmas.
  • You can save money by buying larger packs rather than smaller ones.
  • You can save money by buying a particular brand, especially by not buying the really expensive brands!
  • You can save money by buying packs of items together.

I was very happy with all the food we donated. ????